Social Interaction

Fighting is fun and all, but also kind of frowned upon.  It's generally more efficient to get your way just by talking.  Of course, sometimes, other people may disagree… fortunately, there are lots of ways to solve that problem.

All sorts of social events, conversations, interrogations, dealmaking, flirtation - at least those serious enough to be resolved mechanically - are divided into various distinct mechanical Interactions, based on what exactly you're trying to accomplish.  Each Interaction has a base difficulty, against which you roll using an appropriate social skill – some skills apply only to certain Interactions.  A given encounter might involve a single Interaction, multiple Interactions from multiple people, or multiple interactions from one person.

List of Interactions

In addition to the usual miscellaneous modifiers, Charisma, and the like, two critical modifiers are (almost) always present.  First, is the subject's Willpower modifier.  Second, is a modifier based on the subject's Relation to you.

Relation is a measurement one chracter's… well, relation, to another.  Conveniently, it is a nine-level ladder, but there are multiple 'steps' per level. After all, most people don't change their attitude that quickly.

The Relation values, their modifiers, and the number of steps are listed below.

-4 11+ Exalted
-3 7 to 10 Devoted
-2 4 to 6 Friendly
-1 2 to 3 Amiable
0 -1 to 1 Neutral
+1 -2 to -3 Tense
+2 -4 to -6 Unfriendly
+3 -7 to -10 Hated
+4 11 Despised

Social Interaction

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